Mind a Gap

Anton Lachky Company

For Anton Lachky’s first autonomous production Mind a Gap, each of the 4 dancers created a cartoon-like character that lives in Tonoland. These characters are hard to recognise since they are not based on actual existing cartoon figures. They each normally live in their own scripted specific part of this fairy fantasyland where they live out their specific story lines. They all come together in one tale where none of them knows the story. They move along the imperfection that this new twisted story offers them and get lost in the adventure which they discover on the way. 

Mind a Gap is developed around the unique physicality of the performers and their ability to create a character. This piece is a celebration of the dancing body, a tribute to his inventiveness and his ability to create a direct, instinctive communication between people. The essence of this work is to establish a strong physicality to highlight the beauty and power of the moving body. Shown in a scenography without frills, structured improvisation will alternate with a written choreography.

+ Info: www.antonlachkycompany.com/mind-a-gap/