Lali Ayguade Company

Four people in search of their identity

The search for love, its consistency and its absence.
What is our ability or inability to love?
What happens when you are in a state of confusion and
misunderstanding? A reality you do not knowhow to explain?
We are anxious creatures, influenced by poor fellows that confuse
our reason.
Where is perfection? Is it the point where two opposites meet?
A point of balance and fragility at the same time? The road to pure
beauty? Is this the goal of every human being?
Why can we not die without being important? Is it essential to find
meaning to life? Do we believe in angels, gods and paradise for hope?
Sometimes we need to isolate ourselves from the world. Man has
the ability to block out his body and mind, becoming a mechanical
entity. Physical Strength. Gross. Pure and simple.
The terrible thing is enclosed in the beautiful. Life embraces this
great contradiction.
To reach the absurd. We must believe in ourselves even if we
are afraid.
Weakness is great. The strength useless. Things change, modify or
alter… age, degrade. We walk aimlessly but we don’t stop. It is our
fate. Our reason for being. Our identity. –Lali Ayguadé

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