Cornerstone is a piece at the intersection of circus, dance and installation, on the explosion of a gesture of struggle, of manifesto. To continuously evoke the domination of one body (social or individual) over the other. In a cultural, social and historical approach during our evolution. 
This creation by Breno Caetano and Sergi Parés is an instrument for questioning power and our relation to it. From situations of inter-dependency, restriction and control, we search to expand our options. Beneath the need for the other, the inequality that reign us and that we have over each other.From the resistence of the gesture is born the meeting force of this duo. The body here is both a space of revolt and of hope.

Concept and performance  • Breno Caetano and Sergi Parés

Music • Gio Megrelishvili 

Dramaturgy • Marine Maine

Captation • Breno de Lacerda

In collaboration with Circus-Dance Festival Cologne

Residences at Garage29 (Brussels, BE) / Galpão da Vila (Fortaleza, BR) / Porto Iracema das Artes (Fortaleza, BR)

Special thanks to Nicolas Yoroï, Emmanuel Diela, Henrique De Sousa and Grupo Fuzuê